Description:  An Earthship is a passive solar house that is designed to be off the electrical grid. It is generally constructed with natural and recycled materials. Much of the structure of the house is made with recycled tires that are filled with dirt. Thermal mass from the dirt, solar energy from the Sun, and cross-ventilation are used to keep the temperature within the house in a comfortable zone. This phenomenon can be used study thermal energy transfer, energy conservation, and human sustainability.

Web Resource:  Earthship - Wikipedia


Vegetable Oil as Fuel

Description:  Vegetable oil can be used as fuel in both diesel cars and heating oil burners. Reclaimed vegetable oil that is used in food service industries could be used to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are being used by humans. This phenomenon could be used in an energy unit related to either the physical or life sciences.

Web Resources:  Vegetable Oil Fuel - Wikipedia, Students Power Bus with Vegetable Oil - NBC


UAE Building a Mountain to Increase Rainfall

Description: The UAE is exploring the idea of building a mountain to increase rainfall in the area. The government has already used cloud seeding in the area to increase rainfall and is currently exploring a mega-project to build a mountain. This could be used as an anchoring phenomenon in a unit on weather and climate. The design solution would mimic the role of mountains in affecting climates around the world.

Web Resource: Independent - UAE to Build ‘Fake” Mountain