Terraforming Mars

Description:  Aside from ethical concerns, turning the planet Mars into a habitable planet would be a scientific challenge. The planet is too cold, lacks a useable atmosphere, and the lack of a magnetic field leaves it susceptible to space weather. Increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere could solves two of these problems through the greenhouse effect. This thought-experiment could provide students an opportunity to better understand interactions between Earth systems.

Web Resource:  Terraforming Mars - Wikipedia


The Mystery Of The Missing Bees

Description:  The specific cause (or causes) of colony collapse disorder has not been found but the fact that a number of bees are dying is clear. This will have massive economic impacts since many of the foods we eat are pollinated by bees. Since humans are both impacting and being impacted by this problem it can be used as an engineering problem in need of a solution.

Web Resource:  Colony Collapse Disorder - Wikipedia


Towing An Iceberg To The United Arab Emirates

Description:  The National Advisor Bureau Limited plans to tow icebergs to the UAE for a source of freshwater. The majority of freshwater on the planet is frozen in glaciers and ice caps. This solution would provide adequate freshwater to the UAE but it would present many engineering challenges. The smaller icebergs would melt along the way and the larger ice bergs would be pushed by the large currents in the ocean.

Web Resource:  Science Alert Article