Weather Folklore

Description:  Historic weather folklore can be used to introduce the purpose of weather forecasting. Humans tried to find patterns in the weather so they could prepare for severe weather. As the unit progresses the students could come up with lore of their own based on their observations of local weather patterns.

Web Resources:  Weather Folklore - Wikipedia, Weather Wiz Kids Weather Lore



Lightning Strikes Thrice - Empire State Building

Description: Many people believe that lightning never strikes the same place twice but this video clearly shows that this is not true. A lightning rod consists of three main parts: a lightning rod at the top of a structure, a conducting wire, and a ground rod. This design allows electricity from the lightning strike to pass through directly to the ground without moving through the structure. This protects the structure and the people inside from possible fire and electrocution. This video shows that severe weather occurs in predictable ways and that humans must develop designs that can protect ourselves.

Web Resources:  Lightning Rod - Wikipedia, Next Gen Lightning Protection - Extreme Tech