Homemade Thermometer

Description:  Building a homemade thermometer is a great way to start a unit on weather and warming. As temperature warms the alcohol in the bottle it expands causing the level to increase in the straw. Students should measure the relative temperature in different locations. If it's not possible to build the thermometers give your students simple plastic thermometers and let them explore.

Web Resource:  Thermometer - Wikipedia


How the Sun Sees You

Description: In this video artist Thomas Leveritt sets up an ultraviolet camera so that people could see what their skin looks like under ultraviolet light. One of the most dramatic parts of the video is when sunscreen is added completely blocking the UV light. This phenomenon can be used to show the Sun's impact on the surfaces in kindergarten. It also shows the importance of sunscreen in protecting our genetic material from mutations that may lead to cancer.

Web Resource: The Kids Should See This