Elephants Warn Tourists of Tsunami

Description:  According to eyewitnesses a group of elephants heard the infrasound of an approaching tsunami and moved to safety. There are numerous accounts of animals sensing natural hazards, through sound waves or vibrations. This phenomenon could be used to investigate natural hazards and students could use these stories to build an early-warning system to protect humans from similar threats.

Web Resource:  Tsunami Warnings and Predictions - Wikipedia


Yellowstone Supervolcano

Description:  Beneath Yellowstone National Park sits a large magma chamber that has erupted three times over the last two million years. Each of these eruptions was classified as an 8 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (or VEI) making them supervolcanoes. A supervolcano forms when magma below the earth is unable to break through the surface crust and builds up pressure. Thankfully scientists are monitoring this volcano to protect humans from any future eruptions. This could be used as a phenomenon on natural hazards and the technologies that help to mitigate their effects.

Web Resource:  Supervolcano - Wikipedia