LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems


In this video Paul Andersen explains the important relationships that exist in ecosystems.  He starts by delineating between organisms and their environment.  He explains how food webs can be used to show energy and matter flow in a community.  He describes the levels studied within ecology and explains how population interact at the level of a community.  He finishes be describing population growth and carrying capacity.

CCC2: Cause and Effect


In this video Paul Andersen explains cause and effect its importance in science and engineering.  He starts by addressing the chain of interactions that must be present to show cause and effect.  He addresses the assumptions of universality and scale in determining cause and effect.  He finished the video with a progression of instruction from K-12.

SEP3: Planning and Carrying Out Investigations


Paul Andersen explains how investigations are used by scientists to answer questions and by engineers to test designs.  He delineates be investigative and observational science.  He demonstrates the formation of a good question the design of an effective investigation.