HS-ESS1-2: The Big Bang Theory

Construct an explanation of the big bang theory based on astronomical evidence of light spectra, motion of distant galaxies, and composition of matter in the universe. (Energy and Matter)

Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on the astronomical evidence of the red shift of light from galaxies as an indication that the universe is currently expanding, the cosmic microwave background as the remnant radiation from the Big Bang, and the observed composition of ordinary matter of the universe, primarily found in stars and interstellar gases (from the spectra of electromagnetic radiation from stars), which matches that predicted by the Big Bang theory (3/4 hydrogen and 1/4 helium).

Assessment Boundary: none


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Big Bang theory
Red shift
Cosmic background radiation
Matter in the Universe
 - Stars (hydrogen, helium, and heavier elements)
 - 3 H / 1 He ratio
Motion of distant galaxies
Energy and Matter


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