MS-ESS3-5: Causes of Global Warming 

Ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise in global temperatures over the past century. (Stability and Change)

Clarification Statement: Examples of factors include human activities (such as fossil fuel combustion, cement production, and agricultural activity) and natural processes (such as changes in incoming solar radiation or volcanic activity). Examples of evidence can include tables, graphs, and maps of global and regional temperatures, atmospheric levels of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, and the rates of human activities. Emphasis is on the major role that human activities play in causing the rise in global temperatures.

Assessment Boundary: none

Disciplinary Core Ideas
ESS3.D: Global Climate Change

Crosscutting Concepts
Stability and Change


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Global warming
- Natural causes (e.g. changes in solar radiation, volcanic activity)
 - Human causes (e.g. fossil fuel combustion, cement production, agriculture)
Global temperature
Greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane)
Stability and change


Learning Plans


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