Alabama Science Standards

Middle School Discipline Specific Model

Grade 6: Earth Science Course

Grade 7: Life Science Course

Grade 8: Physical Science Course

Matter and its Interactions

1. Atomic Composition Model
2. Chemical Properties
3. Substances and Synthetic Materials*
4. Thermal Energy and Particle Motion
5. Chemical Properties and Reactions
6. Conservation of Atoms in Reactions
7. Thermal Energy Design Project

Motion and Stability:
Forces and Interactions

8. Newton's First Law (contained in MS-PS2-2)*
9. Newton's Second Law (similar to MS-PS2-2)*
10. Newton's Third Law (similar to MS-PS2-1)*
11. Electric and Magnetic Forces
12. Electric and Magnetic Fields
12. Gravitational Interactions


* Standards added to the NGSS
Image By  Michael Fallows (Own work) [Public domain] |This is a space shuttle model situated in the rocket park at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.