Louisiana Science Standards

High School Science Standards

Physical Science

Life Science

Earth Science



Environmental Science

Resources and Resource Management

HS-EVS1-1: Sustainable Development*
HS-EVS1-2: Louisiana Management and Conservation*
HS-EVS1-3: Risk-Benefit Analysis*

Environmental Awareness and Protection

HS-EVS2-1: Non-Point Pollution Soution*
HS-EVS2-2: Pollution as a Limiting Factor*
HS-EVS2-3: Introduced Organisms*

Personal Responsibilities

HS-EVS3-1: Disposable and Reusable Resources*

Earth's Systems

HS-ESS2-2: Feedback in Earth's Systems
HS-ESS2-4: Energy Variation and Climate Change
HS-ESS2-5: Interactions of the Hydrologic and Rock Cycles
HS-ESS2-6: Carbon Cycling in Earth's Systems

* Standards added to the NGSS
Image By U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, photographer not specified or unknown (Own work) [Public domain] |A scene in the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana, USA, in the Sherburne Complex Wildlife Management Area, a Nature Conservancy reserve.