West Virginia Science Standards

High School Course Model

Grade 9 - Earth and Space Science

Grade 10 - Biology

Physical Science (recommended third course option)

Chemistry (recommended third course STEM option)

Chemical Reactions

HS-PS1-2: Simple Chemical Reactions
S.HS.C.10: Reaction Types*
S.HS.C.11: Redox*
S.HS.C.12: Acids and Bases*
S.HS.C.13: pH*
S.HS.C.14: Acid-Base Reactions*
HS-PS1-4: Total Bond Energy Change in Chemical Reactions
HS-PS1-5: Collision Theory and Rates of Reaction
HS-PS1-6: Increased Products Design Solution
S.HS.C.18: Conservation of Mass*
S.HS.C.19: Mole Conversions*
S.HS.C.20: Gas Laws*
S.HS.C.21: Mole Calculations*

Physics (recommended fourth course STEM option)

* Standards added to the NGSS
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